A Halloween Tale: Healthwise Escapes Spreadsheet Hell

Healthwise-Halloween-500-687“Thanks to Adaptive and Carlson, we no longer have the Annual Budget Model from Nightmare on Excel Street!” stated a euphoric Kelly Richmond, Budget Manager and Financial Analyst from Healthwise, Incorporated, a global non-profit organization dedicated to helping people make better health decisions.

Healthwise, like many organizations, was stuck in ‘Spreadsheet Hell’. They had budget data spread far and wide across multiple spreadsheet files and consolidation of those worksheets caused excruciating pain and mental torment. The FP&A team lived in a nightmare of manual data input and report assembly purgatory. With Adaptive, they are now able to budget and report by project, contract and budget adjustment category (e.g. temporary transfer, approved permanent transfer, to be reviewed) quickly, easily and in a collaborative manner. Kelly continued, “I look forward to replacing many more of our Nightmare on Excel Street reports with Adaptive!”

Eliminate spreadsheet hell and experience planning heaven with Carlson Management Consulting and Adaptive Insights. Contact us for more info.

ASK ETHAN: Managing Growth Inside a Fast-Growth Firm

CFO-Thought-Leader-Horz-599-131How do you manage growth inside a fast-growth firm?  Ethan Carlson, co-host of the CFO Thought Leader Podcast, tackles our questions concerning strategies and the best practices organizations are adopting to manage rapid growth.

Join us as Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, once more answers our questions to supply you with answers and a new mindset designed to help empower your finance organization to look ahead.

The following is an edited abstract from CFO Thought Leader’s “Ask Ethan” podcast featuring Ethan Carlson, CEO, Carlson Management Consulting, and Jack Sweeney, co-host of CFO Thought Leader.

CFOTL We’re speaking with Ethan Carlson, the CEO of Carlson Management Consulting as well as our co-host here at the CFO Thought Leader podcast. Ethan, welcome again.

Ethan It’s great to be back.

CFOTL Ethan, a lot’s happened since we were last speaking with you. In fact, Inc. rolled out its annual Inc. 5000 list, and there was Carlson Management on it this year.

Ethan Yeah, we were very excited to be recognized at No. 553 on the list that Inc. put out. And I think it’s attributed to the team’s effort and having a true client-centric focus and delivering great value to our customers. And so it’s an honor and we’re excited about it. And hopefully we can glean some information from our growth and talk about managing growth here with our listeners.

CFOTL Well, yes, so let’s take this from the point of view of the finance leader and ask the question: what needs to be top of mind with CFOs when it comes to managing growth?

Ethan I think any finance leader managing a growing organization is it’s a pretty easy four-letter word, cash. And so as you’re growing your business, you need to make sure that you have the cash flow and assets available to you to manage that growth. That’s sort of the short answer, and I think the longer way to look at that is I think that when you’re managing a high-growth organization, you have to be very focused and tactical on how you look at your business. Like I said, you have to make sure you have the ability to operate, so cash, but also looking at key metrics. You don’t have as many assets or they’re being pulled in a lot of different directions. So the ability to allocate resources effectively is always important, but I think it’s even more important in a high-growth situation.

So both our sales and customers of ours. We have a number of our clients who were also recognized in the Inc. list and we’re very pleased to see them with that recognition as well. And we find that the organizations that are focused on that and look at it in a way of being, like I said, very tactical, what are the next things they need to do to get them to that next major milestone, the organizations we see that just have a five-year projection, very rosy, with a big hockey stick at the end, they’re not as on top of things. But the ones that know what’s the next major milestone or what are the key tactics to getting there are the ones that we see being very successful.

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Carlson Launches New Cloud Integration Solution; Saving Adaptive Insights Users Days of Effort and Providing Unified Data


datablend-oval-and-typemark-solid_03WOBURN MA, Sept 24, 2015Carlson Management Consulting, the cloud financial solutions experts, today announces the launch of its new DataBlend cloud integration solution. DataBlend makes it easy to seamlessly bring data from external systems into Adaptive Insights, the #1 cloud Corporate Performance solution. With DataBlend’s unique capabilities, business users can create static versions in Adaptive with the click of a button, transfer data across versions easily, and replace slow formula-based tasks with high performance batch processes. Users are able to integrate data from mission-critical systems into Adaptive Insights in just hours, rather than days.

DataBlend is the latest innovation from Carlson Management Consulting, which ranks 553 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies. Carlson previously received the Partner Innovation 2014 award from Adaptive Insights for its pre-built vertical market solutions.

“We are excited to announce the official launch of DataBlend for Adaptive Insights customers. We have already received glowing feedback from our early adopters and are ready to make available to the broader Adaptive community,” stated Ethan Carlson, founder and CEO of Carlson Management Consulting. “DataBlend addresses the need for a high performance, bi-directional integration solution designed for business users. It enables finance professionals to benefit from full picture insights and analyses within the Adaptive system that only comprehensive and unified data can deliver.”

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Join Carlson at the NYC Adaptive Insights Roadshow

Carlson-Adaptive-Roadshow-NYCJoin Carlson Management Consulting at the Adaptive Roadshow at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in New York City on Thursday September 24th.  This full-day event offers two tracks to Adaptive customers as well as those evaluating Adaptive solutions.

As a sponsor, we will be showcasing our new DataBlend integration solution.  DataBlend is a cloud-based integration platform that makes it easy to seamlessly bring data from external systems into Adaptive Insights. With DataBlend’s unique capabilities, you are able to integrate your mission-critical systems into Adaptive Insights in mere hours, rather than days.  Please come by for a demo.  We hope to see you there!

If you aren’t able to attend the event, but would like to see DataBlend in action, please contact us to schedule a demo.

Ethan Carlson to Present at FP&A Innovation Summit in Boston

Carlson-FPA-Innovation-Summit-BostonThe FP&A Innovation Summit is just around the corner. The FP&A Innovation Summit is taking place at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston on September 10 & 11.

It is a three track event encompassing presentations, panel sessions and workshops on FP&A Innovation, Finance Transformation and Financial Leadership.


Ethan Carlson, Founder and CEO

Ethan Carlson will be presenting on Sept. 11th at 12pm. His topic Redefining Performance Management will stimulate new ideas on how performance management can be implemented in novel ways in your organization. You won’t want to miss it! Take a look at who else will be speaking and the topics to be covered here.

For a complete summit overview, please visit:

We have secured an exclusive discount code for the FP&A Innovation Summit so you can save 20% on passes.  To take advantage of this fantastic learning and networking opportunity simply apply the code Carlson20 when you register.

We hope you can join us there!