Join Carlson and Adaptive Insights for a NYC Luncheon for Nonprofit Finance Leaders

Adaptive NonprofitPlease join Ethan Carlson from Carlson Management Consulting and client, Josh Scher, from St. Dominic’s Home for a complimentary lunch seminar designed for nonprofit finance leaders.  This event, sponsored by Adaptive Insights, is taking place on March 24th from 11:30 to 2pm at the Westin Times Square Hotel in NYC.

Savvy Finance teams in the nonprofit industry rely on a core set of key metrics to improve operational efficiency and fund management.

Join your peers for our nonprofit luncheon at Westin Times Square to learn:

  • The importance of real-time visibility into performance and KPIs – across dimensions like program, project, fund, and grant
  • The power of analytics and dashboards in communicating performance to senior management and the board
  • Key metrics for nonprofits and why they matter

This event features presentations by Ethan Carlson and our client, Josh Scher, from St. Dominic’s Home.  You won’t want to miss it!  Space is limited. Register today to secure your seat.  CPE credits are available.

Have any questions or would like a demo of Adaptive Insights before the seminar, please contact us.  We look forward to your participation!


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Ethan Carlson to Present at FP&A Innovation Summit in Boston

Carlson-FPA-Innovation-Summit-BostonThe FP&A Innovation Summit is just around the corner. The FP&A Innovation Summit is taking place at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston on September 10 & 11.

It is a three track event encompassing presentations, panel sessions and workshops on FP&A Innovation, Finance Transformation and Financial Leadership.


Ethan Carlson, Founder and CEO

Ethan Carlson will be presenting on Sept. 11th at 12pm. His topic Redefining Performance Management will stimulate new ideas on how performance management can be implemented in novel ways in your organization. You won’t want to miss it! Take a look at who else will be speaking and the topics to be covered here.

For a complete summit overview, please visit:

We have secured an exclusive discount code for the FP&A Innovation Summit so you can save 20% on passes.  To take advantage of this fantastic learning and networking opportunity simply apply the code Carlson20 when you register.

We hope you can join us there!



Join Carlson and Adaptive for the Top 5 Finance Best Practices for Higher Ed Webinar


Brian Teets, MBA

Please join Adaptive Insights and Carlson consultant and higher ed specialist, Brian Teets, on August 19th at 1pm EST for a webinar focused on higher education. In this interactive webinar, we’ll share best practices specific to higher educational institutions like yours and show you how to improve your planning, reporting and budgeting processes. You’ll also hear how other higher ed institutions transformed their finance planning & reporting processes to better address emerging challenges.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a budget that better reflects curriculum and enrollment planning objectives and model the financial impact of strategic initiative
  • Establish finance processes that offer greater visibility into expenses across different departments, schools, research centers and auxiliaries
  • Accelerate planning and reporting cycle times at a fraction of the cost

This event is CPE accredited.  Please use the following link to register.  We hope you will join us!

ASK ETHAN: The CFO as Storyteller


When it comes to finance leadership what role does storytelling play in effective communication?  Ethan Carlson, co-host of the CFO Thought Leader Podcast, tackles our questions concerning strategies and the best practices organizations are adopting to advance their performance goals.

Join us as Ethan Carlson, CEO of Carlson Management Consulting, once more answers our questions to supply you with answers and a new mindset designed to help empower your finance organization to look ahead.

Listen and subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes.

The following is an edited abstract from CFO Thought Leader’s “Ask Ethan” podcast featuring Ethan Carlson, CEO, Carlson Management Consulting, and Jack Sweeney, co-host of CFO Thought Leader.

CFOTL Hello. We’re pleased to have Ethan Carlson of Carlson Management Consulting joining us once again. Last time, we explored the area of corporate performance management with Ethan. And near the end of our discussion we sort of bumped up against another topic—about communication—that we called “the CFO as storyteller.” Ethan, first of all: Welcome, good to have you back.

Ethan Oh, thanks, CFOTL. It’s great to be back with you here.

CFOTL It was interesting last time that when you were sharing with us some insights into effective corporate performance management, more than once we came back to communication as a primary driver. Can you help give this subject area some context? Effective communication has always been important, so why is this such a worthy topic today?

Ethan I think that it’s a really important topic for financial executives and one that’s becoming increasingly so. As a function, we’re being asked to be ever broader leaders throughout the organization. Financial information, metrics analysis, is not something that on face value is common for everyone to understand. If you’re a financial executive accountant, a CPA, financial metrics numbers, balance sheets, income statements, we look at them and we immediately know what everything means. Outside of this close-knit group, it becomes less obvious to people.

I think that as financial executives are looking to engage a broader group inside and outside of their company, their ability to translate these metrics and performance elements of the company and what it all means to everyone else becomes increasingly important. I also think that it’s important, as well, to demonstrate that as a financial executive you’re more than just a numbers person. Yes, you understand the integrity of the financials, but you also can translate them into what it means for the business. This sort of demonstrates to people in other functions, as well, that you are a fully well-rounded business leader.

This has both a communication component and a credibility one. I think that as financial executives are looking to broaden their role—broaden their participation throughout their organizations—communication, storytelling, and engagement, and how they can do this, is really very important.

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The Art of Forecasting: Recorded Webinar


CarlsonGuide-cover-Implementing-Adaptive-InsightsEthan Carlson, CEO and Founder of Carlson Management Consulting, recently joined a panel of finance leaders to discuss the Art of Forecasting.  This virtual event, hosted and moderated by Adaptive Insights, examined how experienced finance professionals develop world class forecasting processes within their organizations and client base.  Discussion topics included forecasting challenges, building flexibility with rolling forecasts and scenarios, modeling for growth and more.

To view the recorded webinar and gain new insights into forecasting, please click here.

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