The Value of Carlson Premium Support

Carlson Premium SupportHere’s the scenario: You and your team implemented Adaptive Insights to replace your inefficient spreadsheet-based budgeting and planning process a while back and, by all measure, it was considered it a success.  You rightfully patted yourselves on the back and then got back to business.  Initially, most of the finance team happily used it as they had the support of an internal “superuser”, who was the go-to person for questions, data uploads, and model updates.  Then that high-value individual moved to a different part of the business or left the company.  Without your superuser, the momentum for broader adoption began to decline and some of the key new features weren’t being used.  In some cases, models were not being updated and finance staff were falling back to spreadsheets.  You know your system provides great value – you just need to have the right support ecosystem in place.

The above scenario illustrates one of many possible reasons the benefits and value of software can decline over the longer term – the lack of ongoing support.

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