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So You Want to Be a Finance Leader?

I recently spoke at length with Jack Sweeney, the founder and editor of Middle-Market Executive and CFO Thought Leader. Jack has interviewed many CFOs and has come to some conclusions on what distinguishes finance leaders from the rest of the pack. Based on our conversation, I’ve put together some priority action points for CFOs who aspire to become successful leaders.

Insights from Jack Sweeney, Founder of CFO Thought Leader and Middle-Market Executive

I had the opportunity to speak with Jack Sweeney, founder and co-host of CFO Thought Leader and Middle-Market Executive, to get some insights about the role of CFOs in the middle-market and the challenges they face. Jack has many years of experience covering the field of finance, having held senior editorial positions at the CFO Alliance and Business Finance magazine.

Venture Capital: Accelerating Growth and Financial Performance of Portfolio Companies

Shikhar Gosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard University, reported in late 2012 that up to 75% of venture-backed companies never return cash to their investors. While most venture capital firms accept significant risks in return for the potential of even more significant payouts, there are ways to effectively mitigate those risks. Carlson Management Consulting offers an innovative and cost-effective Accelerated Growth package that delivers the prospect of a much greater success rate.

Transforming Manufacturing Finance with Adaptive Insights

According to a recent article by Bill Greiner in Forbes Magazine, manufacturing in the United States has been growing faster than GDP for the past three years, the first time this has happened in 50 years. As American manufacturing makes resurgence, the industry has the opportunity and resources to invest in technologies and processes that will further sustain competitiveness and profitability.

University Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning with Adaptive Insights

Institutions of higher education have long experienced the challenges and complexities of budgeting, forecasting, and planning. The many revenue and expense lines including enrollment, financial aid, endowments and grants make effective financial planning and analysis a daunting task. Read how Carlson Management Consulting and Adaptive Insights can help you save money while improving key finance practices at your institution.