Carlson Thought Leadership in Finance & Technology

Thank You for a Record Year of Growth

We at Carlson Management Consulting would like to thank our customers, partners and friends for an amazing year. Since our founding in 2010, we have dedicated ourselves to helping clients transform business performance through a combination of financial, technological and domain expertise. This year marks a period of significant growth while remaining true to our commitment to the highest quality consulting services. Read on for a recap of this year’s highlights.

Adaptive Planning Tip – Lining up the Budget by Vendor

As a consultant working with clients to transform their budgeting process, I put a priority on structuring budgets, plans, forecasts, and reports in ways that are more meaningful and provide better analysis with the appropriate level of granularity. Read how I helped Cetylite, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, improve vendor budgeting and reporting with Adaptive Planning.

Building a World Class FP&A Team

Now that budget season is over, it’s time to reflect on the effort taken to complete the task and to challenge the status quo. For many financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals, it can be a grueling and rote activity. If your company still has a spreadsheet-based budgeting process, your FP&A team likely spent a lot of time on non-valued added activities. Read on to learn how Adaptive Insights can help empower your FP&A to become World Class.

Corporate Performance Management Systems Selection

You have gone through another painful budget cycle and made the decision that spreadsheets just aren’t cutting it. It’s probably a realization you made a long time ago but now you are ready to evaluate new options. It’s time to start looking around for a corporate performance management solution that frees you and your team from drudgery. Once you’ve made this important decision, it’s time to consider some of the key factors that will guide your goals and short list of vendor solutions.

The Value of Carlson Premium Support

Here’s the scenario: You and your team implemented Adaptive Insights to replace your inefficient spreadsheet-based budgeting and planning process a while back and, by all measures, it was considered it a success. You rightfully patted yourselves on the back and then got back to business. Then your “superuser” moved to a different part of the business or left the company. Read on to learn about the solution to this problem.